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Welcome To Lloyd's Gaming Room
Where anyone can play.
we have a variety of games, Ghost Recon, Call Of Duty,M.O.H, Spec Ops The Line, Fifa 2011, P.E.S 2011, NBA 2011 and others. Where anyone from age 9yrs -100 yrs can come into the Lloyd's gaming room to have fun with any game of there choosing, we will have Fifa and P.E.S Tournaments during the years and other tournaments. I hope you are ready play against the Best of the Best in Fifa 2011 and P.E.S 2011. The Games Room will open from 9 a.m-7 p.m. Mon-Sat once Jesus Christ gives life. In the future we will have a Tuck Shop inside the Gaming Lounge where you can get your snacks.
This Game Room will be up and ready this year 2011 we will be having specials and great prices for the games that we will be having in our Games Room in Hopewell, Hanover where anyone can play.

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